Department of Bioscience

The Department of Bioscience has large laboratory animal facilities where it is possible to keep a number of different animal species. Based on a study of the basic functions of a range of fish, amphibians and reptiles, it is possible to stable animals in high temperatures and various levels of relative humidity so that the needs of individual species can be met in the best possible way. There is also a unique aquarium facility with recirculating water where the temperature, oxygen and other environmental factors can be regulated and monitored, making it possible to keep both tropical and local species of fish.

The animals are cared for by an animal technician and associated trainees.

All users must have completed an laboratory animal science FELASA category B course (i.e. a thirty-hour course in experimental work with laboratory animals) and we also offer a special course with focus on exotic species, where the emphasis is on differences in both anaesthesia techniques, treatment of pain and care requirements.