Animal experiments and health/safety isssues

Animal experiments and occupational health and safety.

To ensure a safe working environment, a number of guidelines has to be followed when working with animals. The working Group on occupational health and safety in the Biomedicine animal facility must always be contacted before use of radioactive substances, biological agents or hazardous substances. The working group will also be contacted by other questions about the working environment.

Working Group on occupational health and safety (WGHS):
Head of the animal facilities Jakob Harslund, email
Animal Technician Jani Kær,

Prevention of allergy:
Access to animal facilities is only possible through the entry, when changing footwear or using the blue shoe covering. Always use gloves when handling animals. It is recommended that individuals with allergy or hypersensitivity wears a mask.  Always wash  hands before leaving the animal department.

Use of radioactive substances:
Use of radioactive substances is permitted only in  areas, licensed to be used for this purpose. The agreement on the use of radioactive substances must be cleared with  the working group.

Use of the biological agens:
In Biomedicine animal facilities are equipped with several class 2 laboratories, where animals must can be treated with class 2 biological agents. There must be an agreement about the application of biological agents with the management and the working group in animal facilities. There must be an APB (arbejdspladsbrugsanvisning; working place user guide)  before starting work. Working with micro-organisms in risk groups 2, 3 or 4 must be reported to the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) within 30 days before starting work. WEA should not approve the work, but will review and acknowledge the notification.

Use of hazardous substances:
The use of hazardous substances such as carcinogens, toxic substances, cancer cells and other cell lines must be cleared with management and the working group in animal facilities before start of the project. It should be decided in each case what measures to be implemented in order to use hazardous substances in a responsible manner. Remmeber to make  APB (working place user guideworking place user guide) before starting work.

Labelling of substances:
All substances used in animal facilities at Biomedicine must be labeled with substance name, user name and date of application. In addition if the substances pose a danger a special label if should be applied. After project completion, the users themselves, remove and discard substances.